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There is no place in the world where food is celebrated more than in Greece. Coming from that part of the world I have a passion about olive oil. I believe that olive oil plays a major role on improving and maintaining good health. It is an ancient food born in Greece and it is the healthiest fat on the planet.

It is used to cook with it, bake, fry, saute and many times replaces butter in cakes and cookies. Today people are becoming more and more aware of the nutritional values of olives and olive oil. So let’s unveil the secrets of olive oil and why is recommended by doctors and nutritionists all over the world as part of our daily balanced diet.

Since ancient times in the Mediterranean countries most of the plant parts of the Olea europaea have bean used as effective medical treatments in traditional medicine. Olive phenols with biological activity (called “biophenols”) are sold in liquid or powder formulas.

Hippocrates, the Father of the Western Medicine said “let your food be your medicine, let your medicine be your food.” Extra virgin olive oil is the magic ingredient that adds flavor to food while it fights and prevents diseases. It is a combination of gastronomical pleasure and healthy eating.

Expert researchers in the University of Granada believe that pomace olive oil, slows down the spread of AIDS in the body by eighty percent. Countless studies around the world show t hat because extra virgin olive oil is very rich in poly-phenols and antioxidants helps in lowering the risk of developing diseases at any age.

In the island of Ikaria in Greece, the extra virgin olive oil consumption is standing at the top of the world’s highest. Ikarians use extra virgin olive oil on food during cooking and after. They are also among the very few places in the world where people live to reach to be ninety to one hundred years old.

It is known all over the world that the tree branch is a symbol of victory (the victors of the ancient Olympics were crowned with an olive branch). It is a symbol of peace (the dove brought an olive branch to Noa when the storm was over). It is also a symbol of prosperity, strength, power and youth.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best nutritional gift we should give ourselves. Use olive oil for better health and in moderation.

Let’s start an adventure with olive oil that is going to bring better health with delicious experiences. Olive oil was a gift from a goddess and it was created to give comfort and food to man from birth to death.

Olive oil in the very near future is going to become your new anti-inflammatory standby medicine. Your doctor is going to prescribe extra virgin olive oil to prevent aches and pains, and reduce your risk of degenerative diseases.

Put aside your pain killers and enjoy some extra virgin olive oil! It is going to be very beneficial!

Here are some opinions about olive oil, from some famous doctors:

“Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods in existence. Though I cannot promise you an equally long life span (as the olive tree’s life span), I can assure you that you will look younger, think more clearly, be more active, and, yes, extend your life if you incorporate extra virgin olive oil into your diet on a daily basis.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone

M.D. Dermatologist

New York Times Best-selling author

” The best olive oil is the one with the most phenolic content.”  Extra virgin olive oil.

Maria Isabel Covas

Biochemist, Barcelona, Spain

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