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About The Author

My name is Mary Dimitropoulos and I was born and raised in Sparta, located in the Southern part of Greece, the Peloponnese Peninsula. It is known for its olive orchards and olive oil production. I come from a family of olive oil producers.

Olive oil has been the irreplaceable food for thousands of years for the Greek people and the olive oil production is a family affair with only one goal: to produce the perfect olive oil.

It is also known because the Spartans were the first ones who used olive oil to rub their bodies during exercising in the gymnasiums. This way the beauty of the male body was highlighted and eroticised. About the start of the eighth century this act was spread to all the Greek states. We see countless appearances of naked bodies of athletes glorified by artists, that lasted for many centuries.

Growing up in that part of the world, I learned a lot about olive trees, olive fruit, olive oil processing and its uses and countless health benefits. I am an expert on olive oil through first hand experience, handed down for generations of the Dimitropoulos family.

I inherited my love and passion for olive oil from my family. It is hereditary.  Since I was a kid I remember the many conversations around the family kitchen table, about the olive oil’s uses as a basic ingredient for healthy meals, as well as a remedy for many ailments. Olive oil is an elite, mystical, magical, medicinal potion, a gift from the Mediterranean.

I immigrated to the United States in 1970. When I finished high school I was going to attend Law at the University of Athens and somehow I ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Like many Greeks, I worked in the food industry as a proprietor and chef. Throughout my culinary journey, a bottle of olive oil has never been further than an arm’s length away.

I have a passion for olive oil –extra virgin olive oil– and my mission is to bring awareness to people about the importance of this super food, that not only is it beneficial to your health, but also has a unique and great taste. I am constantly looking for the best olive oil to direct you to, because I want you to be more health conscious. I know and believe that olive oil is one of the most important factors in improving and maintaining good health and longevity. The extra virgin olivel oil‘s process is minimal and the lesser the process the better the quality.

I wish to teach you to become as passionate about olive oil as I am and to use it daily in your diet. I am going to introduce you to a variety of olive oil with simple recipes to enjoy. You might feel you are on a vacation in the timeless land of Sparta, where nature, history, mythology and art all meet together.

Being healthy you are able to enjoy all the great things life has to offer!

As you are reading my information about olive oil, and as you are  constantly finding out the benefits of this super food, please email me your thoughts and opinions at: . If you have a favorite brand of olive oil that you love, please tell me about it.

And now I am handing over all of my knowledge about olive oil, to you my reader, and I leave it to your ability to decide and get convinced, that olive oil is something that is good for your health and you will introduce it and use it religiously, into your everyday diet.

My olive orchard in Sparta, Greece. Behind it, stands the mountain of Tauyetos.

“An olive orchard is a gold mine on the surface of the earth.”

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