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Antioxidant Properties In Olive Leaf Extracts

The olive oil is  flavourful and beneficial to your health. The olive leaf extract is an anti-aging, anti-biotic and a stimulator to the immune system. The olive tree’s bark and leaves are full of powerful compounds that protect it from disease and parasites. These compounds are the reason that the olive tree can survive for thousands of years.

Liquid leaf extract has a very high antioxidant capacity, double of the green tea extract and 400% higher of the vitamin C, more powerful than vitamin E and grape seed extract.

This remedy has effective anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties. Oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol, poly-phenols, flavonoids and oleocanthal are the major components in the olive leaf.

The antioxidant properties contained in the olive leaf, guard the body from the free radicals which can cause cellular damage. Olive leaf liquid extracts contain a wide range of healing compounds which are used for treating liver, skin, colon, prostate and breast cancers. The antioxidants kill the free radicals and slow down the aging process, with results of longevity, prevention of chronic disease, atherosclerosis and reduction of arthritic pain.

Studies also have proven that olive leaf extract lowers high blood pressure and improves blood circulation to the heart.

The oleuropein in the olive leaf extract has positive results as a Candida killer. It stimulates the immune system’s reaction to block invaders like Candida, stabilizes the blood sugar levels and boosts the body with natural energy. It kills parasites, virus, yeasts and fungi, and gives the body the capability to restore itself.

The olive leaf extract destroys the pathogens without destroying the good “gut” bacteria. When it is in the blood stream, right away blocks an infection and gives the immune system time to fight the infection with anti-bodies.

An anti-microbial benefit of the olive leaf extract is the killing of infections. Anti-viral benefits are the resistance to colds, flu, HIV, herpes, measles, warts and much more.

Anti-biotics become ineffective to bacteria with time. Anti-bacterial properties in olive leaf extract resists bacteria attacks and do not allow bacteria mutation around them.

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