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Olive Oil, The Healthiest Fat


Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America ( August 28, 2011 –Did you know that olive oil is Mother Nature’s healthiest fat? 

From the ancient years, olive oil was used for maintaining the smoothness of your skin, the suppleness of your muscles, the brightness and shine of your hair, the strengthening of your nails and has been used for many ailments. brings you priceless information about olive oil.

Research proves that the Mediterranean diet with main ingredient the olive oil, is the healthiest diet. The American Heart Association, after research tells us that Greece and mainly the islands of Ikaria and Crete are the leaders on the lowest mortality rate, due to cardiovascular disease. United States has the highest rate. The difference between the two countries is the fat consumption. Greece consumes extra virgin olive oil, the healthiest fat with no cholesterol and United States consumes saturated fats, high in cholesterol.

Extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, that are playing a major role in the health benefits, associated with the Mediterranean diet. Also contains oleic acid and linoleic acid, which are the two top monounsaturated fats. Find detailed information about extra virgin olive oil at:

Discover the health benefits this super food offers you and start using it daily in your diet, for a healthier life. extra virgin olive oil     health benefits     healthier life     healthiest diet     healthiest fat     mediterranean diet     olive oil


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  • About the authorMary Dimitropoulos is bringing awareness to people about one of the most important foods on the planet; olive oil. She is extremely passionate about it and she wishes to shed the same passion on other health conscious individuals.

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