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Benefits Of Olive Oil

Real, fresh extra virgin olive oil, for thousands of years has been a necessity around the Mediterranean region, not only as food, but also as medicine and beauty aid. Hippocrates the father of medicine in ancient Greece, was using it as an ailment for many diseases. Today researchers continue to discover and confirm the many healing properties of the real extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil is containing many compounds which are very beneficial for the human body. Its triglycerides content is made of fatty acids, that are very important to the body.

Extra virgin olive oil is the most digestible from all the edible fats. It contains important fatty acids that the human body can not produce by itself. It helps many body organs function, prevents diseases, slows down the aging process and has a very positive effect on diabetes and cholesterol.

The ancient Greeks were consuming a couple tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil daily for better funtion of the digestive system and to prevent stomach ulcers. Today this is recommended also for preventing or passing gull-bladder stones.

The human body absorbs the antioxidants of olive oil, the vitamin E and the poly-phenols. It helps the digestion of other fats and stimulates the pancreatic enzyme that breaks down the fat molecules in the digestive system, converting triglyceride substrates -which are found in other consumed oils- to monoglycerides and free fatty acids.

Extra virgin olive oil is resistant to oxidation more than other vegetable oils and research today points out the anti-cancerous compounds, contained in it.

Around the Mediterranean, where the Mediterranean diet is used and olive oil is the primary source of fat, the populations live healthier and better lives.

Processing olive oil chemically, takes away ingredients that are very important. Refind olive oil does not contain the abundance of antioxidants and poly-phenols which are very essential to health.

Olive oil is the super food that should become the biggest food phenomenon and shine in the food industry. It should become like wine. Wine was given to the Greeks from god Dionysous and olive oil from goddess Athena.

Pick the best extra virgin olive oil and use it in your daily diet, for better health! Don’t let unscrupulous producers, scare you away from a delicious and super healthy food. Finding a quality olive oil is not that difficult. By now you should know how and where. Cheers and enjoy!

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2 comments to Benefits Of Olive Oil

  • Think of extra virgin olive oil as you would of wine. Pair it with foods, find the right match. Use a mild to medium strength oil for salad dressings or as a condiment over mild food, such as mozzarella. Switch to a robust olive oil to drizzle over fresh tomatoes or a hearty dish. Use your imagination to create various mixes of flavors you like. More and more stores offer olive oil tasting and sampling. Take advantage of it to decide which oils you like the most. In the end, that is what matters. See our How to Taste Olive Oil section to learn more about tasting.

  • Tasting olive oil is a wonderful experience!

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