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Defending Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If your goal is weight loss, stress reduction, energy levels gain and look and feel better, you should start using olive oil.

A couple of bad incidents of adulterated extra virgin olive oil, are not enough to turn anybody against the very antioxidant rich food that has shined through a few thousands of years of history.

Rumors about excessive mono-unsaturated fat use leads to weight gain, are not true. Dr. Bernstein in his study on his patients (who used a low carb diet and achieved weight stability) asked them to add 3 oz of extra virgin olive oil daily in their diet. 3 oz of olive oil is 900 calories. The results of consuming 3 oz of extra virgin olive oil, were not weight gain. 

Do not stop using olive oil because it is sensitive to oxidative damage when exposed to heat, light and oxygen. The presence of more antioxidants and phenolic acids, the less the oxidative potential.

Good quality extra virgin olive oil lasts long. It is fairly resistant to oxidative damage from cooking. It takes over 25 hours of 360 degrees F of constant heating and still keeps a lot of its phenolic components.

Studies have proven that extra virgin olive oil reduces oxidized LDL in humans and increases HDL proportionally to its content in phenolic acids. The higher the phenolic acid content, the higher the effect.

The reduction of oxidized LDL, seems like an increase in oxidized LDL antibodies. A clinical trial proved that when 25 ml (about 2 tablespoons) of extra virgin olive oil with high phenolic content was given daily to healthy men, resulted in higher antibody production.

Extra virgin olive oil is a wonderful and healthy addition to a diet. It is highly protective against LDL oxidation and the good quality of extra virgin olive oil, high in phenolic content, is resistant to heat subjected oxidative damage. Its high vitamin E content also helps in the in the oxidation reduction.

Extra virgin olive oil with its peppery, bitter, pungent, spicy, extraordinary taste and its nutritional benefits, used raw in moderation and in room temperature, or cooked, brings dishes to new heights.

Give a fresh start to your life with extra virgin olive oil. You will enjoy life a lot more. You will be amazed with the results.

La Tienda


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