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Depression And Olive Oil

Depression is a brain disease. Researchers have studied the brain of people with depression and reported that it looks different than the people’s without the disease. Parts of the brain that regulates moods, behavior, thinking, are altered and confused. The neurotransmitters and brain chemicals used for communication are imbalanced.

Studies have proved that people with depression have high levels of chronic inflammation. Depression effects millions of people globally and causes disability. Some forms of depression effect brain function, high risk of stroke, heart disease and many neurological disorders. Depression  can be caused by serious illness.

The Health Industry in recent research has found evidence that supports a connection of nutrition and good mental health. Researchers conducted a study of 12,000 University graduates, called The SUN Project, to search the effects of the intake of MUFA, PUFA (olive oil, seed oils), SFA (butter) and TFA (margerine) have on depression.

All the participants were free of depression at the begining of the study, they had to be diagnosed by a doctor and they were free of anti-depresants. During the 10 year trial about 700 cases of depression were reported.

Olive oil with its monounsaturated fats was not a risk for depression. Butter with its saturated fats was an increased risk for depression. Seed oils with their polyunsaturated fats were a low risk and margerine with its harmful transfats was a very high risk for depression. The oleic acid in olive oil, its polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties are to be blamed for the low risk of depression.

Another study which consentrated in severely depressed moods, proved that individuals who ate oleic and linoleic acids, they were by 55% more immune to depression.

Many studies have been conducted on this particular subject, resulting in the conclusion that olive oil is the bravest soldier fighting for brain health.

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