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Extra Virgin Olive Oil And New Hair Growth

In the era we live in, the majority of the products we use contain toxins. Hair thinning and hair loss is owed to genes, stress, vitamin deficiencies and certainly the use of toxic hair products. Toxic hair products when they come in contact with scalp and hair, they cause hair loss and somehow they prevent the regrowth of the hair.

Replacing toxic hair products with non toxic ones is very important.

There are treatments that stop hair loss and help new growth to a full head of hair.

Extra virgin olive oil treatment: Massage a few drops of extra virgin olive oil onto your scalp for about 3 minutes. Brush intensely with a 3/4 inch natural boar bristle brush to stimulate your scalp. Start with 25 strokes daily and get up to 175 daily. Brush the whole scalp area and not just the hairless spot. New hair growth will appear with the irritation of the scalp and the blocked hair pores that prevented the hair growth, now they will be unblocked and new hair growth will start.

Extra virgin olive oil is full of vitamin E, which nourishes and conditions your scalp and brushing helps the hair to get stronger.

Apply the extra virgin olive oil onto the scalp, massage for a few minutes, then follow by brushing and wash with chemical free shampoo after 4-5 hours. You can let oil onto the scalp overnight if you prefer.

Stay away from hair products that contain toxic fragrances, coloring, preservatives and harmful toxic ingredients. Repeat this process every other day for a year to see great results and continue doing it, to experience amazing results.

You can use olive oil along with Saw Palmetto, which is a Natural Minoxidil, that blocks the DHT hormone. DHT hormone results to hair loss. Minoxidil is recommended by dermatologists to stop hair loss. It is also followed by side effects, like cardiac disease, headaches etc. Saw Palmetto does exactly what the Minoxidil does, only the natural way, without the side effects.

Deficiency of Biotin in the body causes hair loss also. Biotin helps in the healthy growth of nails and hair.

Thyroid problems create hair loss. Iodine balances your thyroid and promotes hair growth.

Sulfur is a very important ingredient that your hair needs for its growth.

Supplements containing these ingredients and the extra virgin olive oil treatment are going to give you astonishing results of stopping hair loss and developing hair growth.

Get the insecurity -that hair loss brings you- out of your life. Start with extra virgin olive oil, to look and feel your best.

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