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Frying With Olive Oil

La Tienda

In the Mediterranean region frying is one of the oldest cooking ways and a way of  life. Sliced zucchini, eggplant, and potato, fish, cheese, bread, fresh herbs and pastry ribbons are wonderful fried in olive oil.

Although frying in extra virgin olive oil tastes better, it really doesn’t  have to be.  The lower antioxidants and oleic acid in the regular olive oils, makes them more stable to moderate high heat. So you don’t have to break the bank using extra virgin.

When frying in olive oil the moisture is sealed in, developing a crispy crust and doesn’t  let the oil penetrate into the food. It is a dry cooking process that holds all the vitamins in the food.

Very thin sliced vegetables fried in olive oil make extra ordinary chips. Another great result of that “liquid gold”. Here are a few tips for best results on frying in olive oil:

The temperature shouldn’t exceed 360 degrees Fahrenheit and heated slowly. When the food is ready, it should be taken out with a slotted spoon and placed on wired racks over paper towels and not directly on the paper. The fried food reabsorbs the drained oil. Do not salt food before frying, because the salt draws out water and makes it soggy. Salt food after. Use heavy stainless steel and cast iron pots, because they hold heat very well.

I remember my mother when she finished frying, she fried a piece of  bread in the oil. She said that clarifies the oil. Then she strained the oil through a cheese cloth, and unlikely raw olive oil, she refrigerated it. It is safe to use the same olive oil to fry in, up to four times.

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4 comments to Frying With Olive Oil

  • Dear Mary,

    What an excellent informational article with practical applications. Thank you. I did not know that it is unwise to place the fried items on a paper towel as they reabsorb the oil and that olive oil make the crispiest crust. Instead place them on a rack.

    I will try this frying technique the next time.

    Your Friend,
    Bobbie McMonagle

  • Hi Bobbie,

    I am so happy that you liked my site. Stick with me and you are going to learn plenty. I am posting something weekly.


  • Joan

    Hi Mary — I have read all of your blogs and I find your information easy to understand and use. You are talking in my language which wants me to continue reading all you have to say. I too was making the mistake of using paper towels to drain my food. I have tried your method and it really turns out a better product. Look forward to reading your new items. Joan

  • gourmetgirl10

    Hi Joan,
    Thanks, I feel so good that you tried my suggestion and you liked it.

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