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Health Benefits In Greek Olive Products

Extra virgin olive oil contains fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9), is very rich in poly-phenols and antioxidants such as vitamins E, A and C, more than any other vegetable oil. It is the main ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, which is the best diet in the world.

In Greece the life expectancy is 80-90 years and many people reach 100. The number of centenarians is climbing every year. Longevity and quality of life depends on our diet, our genes and the environment.

Aging and degenerative diseases are caused from the production of free radicals which oxidize and destroy the cell membranes.

The vitamin C in olive oil is a valuable antioxidant, that helps iron absorption and protects from atherosclerosis that causes coronary heart disease. 

Alpha tocopherol, which is a vitamin E, is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in olives and olive oil. In population studies has been found that people with high levels of vitamin E in their bodies, have very low risk of heart disease and cancer. Other anti-cancer properties in olive oil, are squalene, beta carotene and hydroxytyrosol.

Other antioxidants in olive oil and olives are the carotenoids, phytosterols, phytoestrogens, flavonoids and cryptoxanthins.

Cryptoxanthins are chemopreventive agents against lung cancer, colon cancer and reduce the risk of the development of reumatoid arthritis. Cryptoxanthins provide vitamin A which is very important for vision health.

Greek extra virgin olive oil has high content of poly-phenols. Continuous research finds that the high content of poly-phenols, especially in the Koroneiki variety, are the reason for its health benefits.

Oleuropein is an antioxidant found abundantly in Greek olive oil, that has antibacterial properties. Because of that, research is aiming on the production of antibacterial medications from olive products. Oleuropein also has anti-osteoporosis properties.

Palmitoleic acid in olive oil increases sensitivity to insulin for diabetics and sterols have anti-cholesterol properties.

Greek extra virgin olive oil is of superior quality and it is appreciated internationally. About 200,000 tons of Greece’s olive oil is exported to Spain and Italy yearly and it is sold at high prices under different origin.

Keep in mind that Greek extra virgin olive oil is the highest in polyphenols and lowest in acidity than any olive oil of other origin. Helps in reducing blood presure and intestinal cancer, also strengthens the memory and helps the health of the central nervous system and brain cells. It is invaluable. It is the number one superfood with extraordinary health benefits.

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