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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

House of Nobile PlatinumReservehas an intense olive fragrance. The initial sweet taste of tender artichokes is followed by a green tomato aftertaste. Its delicate flavor makes it an exquisite condiment on appetizers. We like it drizzled over goat cheese.
Il Molino Extra Virgin Olive Oilis pressed while it is still light green to ensure its low acidity and light fruity taste. It is yellow-green in color and has a taste of herbes, thistle and dried fruit. The palate is balanced with an initial sweet scent that then turns to thistle and finishes with a taste of white pepper.

House of Nobile
retains its full-bodied flavor even when cooked over high heat and for a longer period of time. It is also tasty as a raw condiment with appetizers such as a bresaola, on a steak or on a hearty pasta. It has a medium olive aroma and decidedly fruity overtones.
De Carlo DOP.This Apulian “House of Oil” has been winning awards since 1900. Their extra virgin olive oil has sweet almond flavors combined with the aroma of apples. The finish is slighty peppery. Ideal on steamed, grilled or roasted fish, crustacean antipasti, delicate sauces and vegetable salads.

Gocce di Coros” or “Drops of Corosis a green extra virgin olive oil with the aroma and taste of fresh fruit and almonds. It pairs beautifully with slices of roast beef or grilled steaks, soups and sauces. It also works really well as a salad dressing.
Il Merlanoextra virgin olive oil has a sweet initial taste that develops into a traditional and spicy aftertaste, a reminder of the fruity aroma of the olives themselves. This flavorful olive oil is perfect for pastas, salads, drizzling over meat, and wherever else you enjoy a savory sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil.

Il Casolare unfiltered.This dark green, unfiltered organic extra virgin olive oil from Puglia, Italy, with the typical fragrance of freshly pressed olives, is bottled as soon as it leaves the mill. It is obtained by using a variety of olives which continue to retain their green colour and decidedly fruity taste. These olives are naturally cold pressed and not subjected to any chemical process. In order to really appreciate its fruity taste, it is best used to season all raw dishes and as a finishing oil. You will though soon want to enhance every dish with this wonderfully full flavor! Size: 500 ml.
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