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More Of Olive Oil And The Study Of The Seven Countries

La Tienda

Studies in Crete, Spain, Turkey and Albania, prove multiple times that the consumption of olive oil, results in the decrease of heart attacks, although in these countries, there is evidence of certain unfavorable factors, like consumption of alcohol, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Since the 1980s attempts were made to bring a monounsaturated diet and mainly olive oil, to the American people, with good results in the frequency of heart incidents.

Long intake of olive oil doesn’t change the levels of the lipo-proteins of the plasma. The change from the animal fats to vegetable fats (mainly olive oil) results in the reduction of the LDL (Low-Density Lipo-proteins) bad cholesterol and the increase HDL (High-Density Lipo-proteins) good cholesterol.

The HDL cholesterol, consists a protective form for the arteriosclerosis. Same thing happens when olive oil is used in vegetarian diets. In this case the addition of olive oil, results in the protection from atherosclerosis. Olive oil with its antioxidants and vitamin E, lessens the oxidation of the LDL.

Clinical experimental studies have proven that the olive oil can minimize the oxidation of the lipo-proteins. Experimentally olive oil removes the cholesterol from the inside wall of the blood vessels.

The extra virgin olive oil with its vitamin E and other antioxidants, stabilizesĀ  the poly-unsaturated fatty acids in the liver. Olive oil acts negatively in the modification of theĀ  conversion of the blood thickness, caused by saturated fats.

The final conclusion is that olive oil and mainly extra virgin olive oil is one of the vital factors for minimizing the development of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. It is characterized as medicinal for the blood arteries.

Olive oil also minimizes the cerebral incidents proven by multiple studies in epidemiology. In the Study of the Seven Countries it was proven, that olive oil, the main ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, results in smaller number of deaths from cerebral incidents.

Generally the action of olive oil in the cerebral arteries, can be considered equivalent to the rest of the arteries.

Stomach, pancreatic, prostate, ovarian, colon and breast cancers are types of cancer that depend on a diet. In the Study of the Seven Countries was proven that populations that follow the Mediterranean diet have 35% lesser chance in developing these types of cancer.

The typical Western diet contains 40% of the calories from fats. Comparing the Western diet with the Japanese or Chinese (where the typical consumption of fats is between 10% and 20% and the fats are different from the Western diet), we see the first indications of the action of the saturated, monounsaturated and the poly-unsaturated fats, (originated from fish oils), in the effect of the cancer. The saturated fats constitute a negative impact in these types of cancer.

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