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Morocco’s Olives In The Worldmarket

Morocco’s government sees the importance of the olive crop in the market world wide and they are trying to increase the necessary olive supply to enter and become an exporter on a regular basis, in the worldmarket.

The consumption of table olives has increased and it is continuing to increase rapidly. The global consumption of table olives in the mid 80s was about 700,000 tons. By the mid 90s it had increased significantly to about 950,000 tons.  After the Mediterranean countries, the United States is the world’s leading consumer of olives with about 160,000 tons yearly. Morocco is exporting olives mainly to France, but they are looking seriously in the USA market.

The health benefits of olive oil and especially extra virgin olive oil, are being publicized in doctors journals and health magazines on a regular basis.

Olive oil is the healthiest fat with an exceptional nutritional value. Studies show evidence that extra virgin olive oil prevents certain kinds of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease,slows down the process of aging, helps bones, joints and skin.

It has been proven multiple times that olives are super healthy. The Moroccans are taking advantage of all these factors and are promoting their growth of olives and olive oil production. The country is very driven agriculturally. The governmental efforts for the increase of the olive oil sector and the continuous increase of olive consumption, makes the olive sector a very important one.

The continuous increase of the olive industry, becomes a very positive aspect for the country, but with some serious environmental implications. Drought, soil erosion and degradation have made their noticeable appearance in the country. If Morocco continues to promote their olive production without consciousness, they are going to face serious environmental implications.

The region where is the heaviest olive growing, is also the region with the most environmental uncertainties. In the areas around the Sahara Desert, desertification has already began and the olive growing in that region will add problems to the soil, do to rare rainfalls. The country’s  vulnerability to drought  will lead eventually to serious problems. There are USAID-funded projects to manage this harm caused by the olive growth.

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