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New Greek System Determines The Quality Of Olive Oil

Researchers, chemists, chefs and ordinary people have taken extra virgin olive oil to the highest level.

The oleocanthal, an anti-inflammatory component and the oleacein, a very powerful antioxidant in extra virgin olive oil, have not been so easy to analyze for their goodness to your health until recently. Both components are abundant in extra virgin olive oil.

In 2011 Dr. Prokopios Magiatis, an assistant professor of pharmacognosy and natural products chemistry at the University of Athens, says that a new Greek system has been found that makes it easier to measure the content of these two key ingredients of olive oil.

This system was developed by Dr. Magiatis and his team using 1H-NMR, a nuclear magnetic resonance form, which is a physical phenomenon to measure the levels of oleocanthal and oleacein. This way the classification and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, becomes possible.

Dr. Dioscorides, a Greek doctor, who was the supreme authority, due to the content of his book, De Materia Medica, in the 1st century A. D., picked the curiosity of the researcher. Dr. Dioscorides said that the best health benefits derive from fresh olive oil, made from unripe olives.

The investigation to determine the contents that were responsible for the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil started and about 5 years later the NMR test was developed. The test for the determination of the oil’s benefits takes about a minute. Many different olive oils can be analyzed quickly and depending on the levels of these two contents, the quality can be determined.

Dr. Magiatis and the co-author of the study Dr. Eleni Melliou in 2011 visited scientists at the UC Davis. Tests were performed from mono-varietal Greek and Californian olive oils and big differences were revealed between the oils.

The highest concentration was found in the Koroneiki olive oil, which variety is 75% of the olive trees in Greece. The Californian Mission and Barouni varieties also had considerable concentrations.

Big differences in the concentration of these two particles can be seen when the same fruit is processed using different temperatures. The high temperatures alter and lower the quality of the olive oil.  

Early harvesting shows a high concentration of oleocanthal and oleacein. When these two compound levels are high, they remain high for more than 18 months after harvest and process.

Dr. Magiatis says that oleocanthal prevents tumor growth and protects against cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease. Also protects against aging.

The consumer has to realize and accept the taste of extra virgin olive oil with high health benefits. Such olive oils are of sharp pungent and very bitter taste.

Extra virgin olive oil for good health and immortality!!!!!

La Tienda


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