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Olive Oil And Cancer Risk Reduction

Researchers, Antonio Segura-Carretero from the university of Granada, Spain and Javier Menendez from the Catalan Institute of Oncology, report that the content of phenols in extra virgin olive oil, suppress the over-development of the cancer gene HER2 in the human breast cancer cells.

The researchers found, that olive oil contains a significant amount of phyto-chemicals, which protect against breast cancer cells and effectively destroys the HER2.

The extra extra virgin olive oil is produced naturally without the use of chemical treatments. This natural way, the phyto-chemicals remain in and do not get destroyed in the refining process.

The researchers  suggest that we should consume extra virgin olive oil. The poly-phenols may be the base for the design of a new anti-breast cancer drug.

The best quality of extra virgin olive oil, rich in poly-phenols, contribute to the lowering of breast cancer. The active phyto-chemicals destroy tumoricidal effects.

Scientists revealed that the consumption of olive oil, helps the prevention of cancer, because it cuts substances in the blood which promote the disease. The olive oil protects the cells against damage and the forming of tumors.

The people in the South Europe where the Mediterranean diet, with olive oil the major ingredient, have significatelly lower the risks of cancer, heart and Alzheimer’s disease. In the North European countries on the other hand, the risks of these disease are significantly higher.

In a study lead by Dr. Henrik Poulsen at the University Hospital in Copenhagen, proved that olive oil lowers the oxidative damage of the cells (oxidative damage is when the balance of the cells is disrupted and exposed to substances which accumulate the free-radicals and the presentation of cancer).

In Greece, Italy and Spain, the prostate, colon, breast and ovarian cancers are much lower and the longevity much higher.

The study also proved that the difference in health between the North and South European countries is the consumption of olive oil.

Dr. Poulsen strongly suggested that the Mediterranean diet as a whole (fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish and of course olive oil as the major ingredient) provides cancer lowering effects.

The Mediterranean diet has been proved to be associated with a long and healthy life.

The extra virgin olive oil has the highest levels of protective compounds because it is the least processed. It effects the oxidation of our genes.

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