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Olive Oil And Child Development

La Tienda

Olive oil plays a major role for a baby’s development since conception.

The olive oil’s high content in antioxidants, help prevent the destructive effects of the substances that are harmful to our bodies. Olive oil’s fatty acids are very important for our health, because they support the hormones and help assisting in the cell membrane development.

Mothers who consume extra virgin olive oil during their pregnancy, they have better chances of having healthier children.

Olives and olive oil contains linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acids), are the healthiest foods for newborn and growing children. Such a deficiency in linoleic acid, results in retardation and many skin problems.

Olive oil contains polyunsaturated fats at a similar level to human milk. Mainly the extra virgin olive oil is a very sufficient source of these acids, that are very important and can not be drawn from the human body.

Olive oil is a major contributor to the development of a baby’s brain and nervous system before and after birth. It is the only oil that is recommended for mothers and mothers to be, by experts.

The high content of vitamins E, A and K in olive oil, is very important for contributing to the development of bones in children and maintaining the bone strength in adults.

The vitamin E is very crucial element for the growth of the fetus and it lasts beyond pregnancy. During pregnancy the vitamin E in the mother’s blood, concentrates in the breast glands and when breast feeding, the vitamin E is supplied to the baby.

Olive oil has the most beneficial effects on the bones by producing calcium and prevents calcium loss. The more the olive oil intake, the better the strength of the bone.

French researchers say that extra virgin olive oil is necessary during the growth of a child and later in adulthood, to avoid calcium loss.

In some places in Greece, when a child is born, an olive tree is planned. That tree  will grow and develop as the child does. The tree will start producing the olive fruit about six years later, when the child starts school. Along  with the child grows the tree, only the tree will have a much-much longer life then the child.

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