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Olive Oil And Hunger Reduction

Research proves that there is a bridge between the MUFAs (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) in olive oil and hunger reduction. The unsaturated fats like the olive oil, send a message to your brain, to stop eating because you have the feeling of fullness.

Extra virgin olive oil contains oleic acid, that is a fatty acid and when consumed, turns into OEA, oleoylethanolamide. This oleic acid was injected into mice. In the body the oleic acid was reacting in a satiating way. The mice ate a little bit and seemed to be full for longer periods of time.

The researchers proved that the oleic acid was the main cause of the hunger reduction, by injecting mice with altered oleic acid, not capable to produce OEA. These mice didn’t show any reduction of hunger.

This study shows future hope, to developing medication for weight loss or weight gain.

Use olive oil daily and in moderation because it is healthy. Overuse though can lead to weight gain, because it contains a lot of fat and calories as the other oils. It contains 100% of fat and 9-10 calories per gram (120 calories per tablespoon).

Olive oil stablelizes appetite, improves metabolism and eliminates cravings, leading to weight loss faster. The perception that light olive oil contains less calories and fat, is a myth. It is lighter in color and flavor, but not in calories and fat.

The study  of October 2008  U.C. Irvine  showed that the oleic acid in  extra virgin olive oil, stimulates the production of the EOA, which decreases appetite and controls hunger and body weight. These researchers also reported that this leads to new approaches of treating obesity and eating disorders.

Increasing the EOA levels also lowers blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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