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Olive Oil And Liver

The extra virgin olive oil lowers the production of cholesterol in the liver and energizes its rejection in the intestine, through the gallbladder. It also increases the ability of the organ to reject the toxins and at the same time increases its ability to produce useful substances for the body.

Extra virgin olive oil increases the demand of the liver for insulin, strengthening its action, while increases the ability of the organ to remove the trans fats, which are getting in the cells and are dangerous for the creation of the arteriosclerosis.

There are many studies that tell us about the effects of the olive oil in different functions of the liver and its participation in the production of the fatty acids and lipo-proteins. We don’t though have many telling us about the participation of the olive oil in liver diseases.

The allowance of different fats with various comprehensiveness of poly-saturated fatty acids (animal fats), mono-unsaturated fats (olive oil), poly-unsaturated fats (vegetable oils and fish oils), changes the circulating concentration of lipo-proteins.

The liver is the main organ which has the mechanical ability to get rid of toxic substances. This system takes the moving toxins, combines them with other substances and gets rid of them through the gall bladder and the kidneys. This system also gets modified drastically from the contained fat in the foods.

The elements in the system modify depending on the quantity and quality of the consumed fat. Poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids like (oleic acid), result in a better rejection of the toxins and mainly the carcinogenic ones taken by food consumption.

The liver is the transforming factory of the body. In the liver gather most of the substances, which are distributed in other parts of the body. The enzymatic system of the liver, contains enzymes, that relate with the production and the distribution of the different class substances of the organism. Some of the systems are influenced by the fatty acids, like the ones that produce the cholesterol. Olive oil plays a major role in the rejection of toxic substances.

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