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Olive Oil And Poly-unsaturated Oils

In our days a lot of noise has been made in reference of the intake of poly-unsaturated fatty acids with our food or with different pharmaceutical products.

Late studies show that the extra virgin olive oil is a better element for the prevention of heart disease. The olive oil also is used in a very natural way and not as a pharmaceutical product.

Since the 80s, studies about the poly-unsaturated omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, coming from fish oils in reference with the heart disease and mainly arteriosclerosis.

The Mediterranean populations and the Japanese, because of their significant fish consumption, show lower heart disease. The big doses of fish oils, taken for short periods of time, lower the triglycerides in comparison with extra virgin olive oil.

Fish oils in regular doses, taken for long periods of time, didn’t show any difference. The extra virgin olive oil lowers the LDL ( bad cholesterol) and increases the HDL (good cholesterol), with results the protection from atherosclerosis. Opposite in diabetes, the use of fish oils, increases the LDL (bad cholesterol).

The long use of fish oils has not be proven better than the use of extra virgin olive oil. ThereĀ  are some specific results of the aggravation of coagulation of the blood.

Omega 3s coming from fish oils, do not show any differences in the coagulation of the blood, in individuals with kidney problems.

The fish oils show another protective action against arteriosclerosis, in comparison with olive oil, like the lowering of the omocysteine which is a danger in arteriosclerosis.

The fish oils could become a major addition in the Western diet, but they don’t provide significant benefits in reference with the olive oil, which has the benefit to be used naturally and not pharmaceutically.

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