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Olive Oil And Stress

When nature creates a problem, nature creates a solution to that problem.

The wonderful olive oil in the Mediterranean diet has made the News many times. The Southern Mediterranean countries, Greece, Italy and Spain, according to epidemiologists, have lower disease rates.

They evaluated the chemical composition of the olive oil content from these countries and found it exceptionally rich source of poly-phenols, which are extremely powerful antioxidants, that help prevent disease.

The extra virgin olive oil helps the body absorb fat soluble nutrients like the vitamin E, A and carotenoids which are the protectors of the heart, brain, liver, skin and eyes from the destructive effects of stress.

Do you remember Dr. David Bannen who whenever got mad, his body was altered into the incredible Hulk? Stress alters your genes, resulting in the interference with oxytocin. Oxytocin is a stress destroying hormone and also a sex and love bonding hormone.

Processed and high in saturated fats foods, stress the body. The consumption of omega 3s from salmon and omega 9s from olive oil, high fiber foods, vegetables, fruits and grains, help release stress.

Chronic stress and tension is the result of inflammation that provokes degenerative disease and leads to cancer, stroke, obesity and all kinds of digestive problems. It skyrockets blood pressure causing heart disease.

Douglas Hospital Research Center reports that 40% of the Americans have frequent stress. Stress leads to the production of the stress hormone, which causes memory loss in elders and learning difficulties in young adults.  

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil, according to researchers, helps prevent cell aging and improves peoples lives.

Olive oil massages are not a new trend. For thousands of years Homer and Plato in their writings are telling us that massages with extra virgin olive oil is a pleasantly relaxing experience of ecstasy, which rejuvenates the body and mind.

The slippery feel of warm extra virgin olive oil, dissolves the toxins and stress, tones the skin and muscles, calms the nerves, helps increasing blood circulation, improves energy, relieves tiredness and aches, and promotes longevity.

Stress and worry are parts of our lives but focusing on eating a healthy diet and exercise, our health is going to be fine. The daily use of extra virgin olive oil, may cost you a little more, but it is going to be very well worth it and money well spend.

La Tienda


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