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Olive Oil And The Gastric System

The intake of olive oil as food, drove in the study of its influence in the gastric system.

Because of the intake of the fatty acids through the mouth, the absorption from the gastric tube,the modification and the metabolism mainly from the liver, studies show the protective effect in the development of chronic disease, including cancer.

In the intestine, the intake of extra virgin olive oil with other foods, increases the the absorption of calcium and minimizes the osteoporosis. Although it doesn’t protect directly from cancer, it minimizes the harmful effect of carcinogenic substances.

In experiments, after a limited intestine cut, the olive oil increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium. The increase of the absorption of the calcium, intensify after the continuous use of the vitamin D. This is the reason why the women in the Mediterranean region have minimal osteoporosis. They are mainly fed with olive oil.

Opposed to the calcium, the olive oil doesn’t seem to modify the absorption of the iron.

Also after a limited intestine cut, it has been observed that the decrease of the intake of proteins, mainly with the simultaneous allowance of olive oil, the cut returns in its natural levels, three months later, showing the tremendous ability of the human body, in a short time can regrow the lost part of the intestine.

The action of the extra virgin olive oil, exercises in the small intestine and not in the thick one. Another interesting action of the olive oil on the level of the intestine, is the decrease of the production of cholesterol. That decrease is owed to the difference between the cholesterol that reaches the intestine, either from food or from the ruin of the intestinal cells, or from the gallbladder, and the cholesterol that is absorbed from the intestine cells.

Rejection of cholesterol is owed to extra virgin olive oil. It also has been observed, lowering of the action of the enzyme production of triglycerides, under the influence of the olive oil,  under basic circumstances or after a bleeding or other shock.

Olive oil is an important element for the normalization of the lipids and possible therapeutic element of some diseases of the intestine.

Finally the extra virgin olive oil in experimental cancer of the thick intestine, seems to minimize the action and the biological activity of the chemical carcinogenics, after 8 weeks of therapy. It also protects the intestine from the action of the chemical carcinogenics, which are given to experimental animals with a shot or through a diet.

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