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Olive Oil And The Urological System

The olive oil minimizes the adherence of the trans fatty acids in the cells, (which are provoking the formation of arteriosclerosis) and protects the kidneys from the toxic actions of other fats and medicines. The Mediterranean diet, rich in extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and fresh fruits, reduces the prostate cancer.

According to research, a diet rich in poly-unsaturated or mono-unsaturated fatty acids, increases the comprehensiveness of the lungs, heart and kidneys in the corresponding acids and especially the necessary ones.

The olive oil increases the comprehensiveness of the masts in fatty acids and decreases the comprehensiveness in trans fats. A diet rich in extra virgin olive oil also increases the comprehensiveness of the kidneys in magnesium which is rejected after therapy with cyclosporine.

The cyclosporine  is an essential medicine for the preventions of the rejection of the graft after a transplant. The bad thing is that the action of the cyclosporine can damage the kidneys. The extra virgin olive oil with its antioxidants protects partially from the toxic action of the cyclosporine.

The results of the study of the seven countries show that cancer is lower by 35% in individuals fed the Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil. Cancers like prostate, stomach, ovarian,  pancreatic and breast, depend on nutrition. A diet rich in fats, increases the metastasis of the tumors.

Olive Oil And Allergies.

In Spain, in the 1980s decade, appeared a syndrome which was called the Toxic oil syndrome. About 20,000 individuals were attacked and about 300 of them died.

The syndrome of the toxic olive oil  was blamed in the consumption of falsified extra virgin olive oil. This syndrome caused the decrease of the immune system, because of its direct effect of different fats in the lymphatic system. Monounsaturated fats (eleic acids-olive oil) and poly-unsaturated fatty acids (fish oils), prevent the multiplication of the lymph cells.

Allergies in olive oil are very rare and they don’t appear very often. In the  world wide bibliography, there are reported, only three cases of allergies in olive oil.

Be extra careful, choosing your Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds.

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