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Olive Oil Fights Asthma And Arthritis

La Tienda

Previously I posted that olive oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory substances the body produces by using the monounsaturated fats in olive oil lower the rates of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

A study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, proved that other components in extra virgin olive oil, such tyrosol, squalene and beta-sitosterol, explain why the Mediterranean diet is so beneficial on cancer prevention and cardiovascular health.

In the medical field, it is believed that over production of free radicals and inflammatory compounds, comes from the body’s omega-6 fatty acids, that are contained in meats, corn and sunflower oils and contribute to the development of heart and cancer diseases.

The researchers in this study tested the effects of the tyrosol, squalene and beta-sitosterol, on a number of free radicals and inflammatory compounds, produced from omega-6 fats called arachidonic metabolites.

In these cases the olive oil compounds, significantly reversed the production of the molecules, that caused the problem, or replaced them without harm.

For maximum health benefits, enjoy extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis. It is the super food of the century.

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