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Olive Oil For Quality Life!

Studies have been conducted to measure the Health Related Quality of Life (HRQL). In these quality of life studies it has been confirmed that the Mediterranean diet is connected with the best physical and mental health.

More than 11,000 university graduates were monitored and studied by researchers for over 4 years. Their dietary pattern was recorded from the beginning of the study to the end. At the end of the study, the quality of life was measured. The ratio of MUFA to SFA was measured to determine the quality of fat consumption.

The participants that followed the Mediterranean diet, with consumption of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, were tested positive. The participants that followed the Western diet, with consumption of meat, dairy products and alcohol, were tested negative.

The results also showed that the followers of the Mediterranean diet, enjoyed a better quality of life with a good physical health and mental clarity. In the 4 year study, changes in the diet from the Western to Mediterranean, brought strongly noticeable increases in their physical and mental well being. The participants were energetic, pain free with vitality and social focusing.

It is of significant importance to concentrate on finding ways to improve the quality of life, especially with the aging process.

Science and research constantly present evidence to support the benefits of a good diet, like the Mediterranean diet with its olive oil and a sensible lifestyle without inflammation, neurological diseases, depression and cognitive health. The addition of olive oil, maximizes the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. The oleic acid and the phenolic compounds in olive oil, although can not prevent and stop aging, they certainly can promote healthy aging.

Healthy diet, exercise and weight control are factors that help fight chronic disease and moderate factors that are not controlable like genetic disposition and environment.

La Tienda

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