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Olive Oil Health Continues

Olive oil “Liquid Gold” is one of the most important foods on the planet. Fights heart disease by lowering cholesterol. It is high in mono-unsaturated fats which protect the body from oxidation and it is low in poly-unsaturated fats which oxidize the body.

Olive oil prevents strokes. A new study  that was conducted in Montpellier, Bordeaux and Dijon, France, showed that older individuals, who use extra virgin olive oil regularly, have lower risk of stroke.

The researchers said that the participants who used olive oil, had 40% lower risk of stroke. Stroke is very common in older people and the the daily use of extra virgin olive oil is an easy and very inexpensive way to help its prevention.

Dr. Nikolaos Scarmeas of Columbia University, who is also a member of the American Academy of Neurology, said that it is unclear which are the protective elements of olive oil, that prevent strokes.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil slows down the aging of the heart. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reports that a diet rich in olive oil, results in the reduction of arterial damage.

It is well known and proven multiple times, that olive oil is a main source of fat. Due to its mono-unsaturated and unsaturated fats, has countless health benefits and protects from chronic diseases.

A diet rich in olive oil, high in fiber and carbohydrates is a very effective approach for diabetics by enhancing insulin sensitivity and helping reduce obesity. 

In a Spanish study that was published in the Journal Diabetes Care, was noted that the Mediterranean diet with main source the olive oil, reduces the type 2 diabetes risk by 50%. Diabetes 2 is very common and very preventable.

Studies have shown that people with high levels of olive oil in their diets, have less chances of rheumatoid arthritis development.

Olive oil protects against mental illness according to research at the University of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran in Spain.

In this research 12,000 volunteers participated for 6 years. Participants with high intake of trans fats and hydrogenated fats, developed an increase in depression. Participants with high intake of olive oil, their risk of depressive disorders, were minimal.

Olive oil as many studies confirm, protects from metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of high blood sugar, high cholesterol and abdominal obesity. It is very common in the era we live in and it results in heart attacks , strokes, type 2 diabetes and often in sudden death.

At the Iasis Clinic of Hania, Crete, a study was conducted by an interventional cardiologist Antonis Pothoulakis, with 550,000 participants. The conclusion was that the Mediterranean diet, with main component the olive oil, reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Pothoulakis emphasizes on the importance of the Mediterranean diet and olive oil.

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