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Olive Oil Protects Against Colon Cancer

La Tienda

Although all the other fats are increasing the risk of colon cancer,olive oil is the fat that reduces the risk of the disease.

A study published in Food Chemistry Toxicology, suggests that the olive oil’s protective effect, might be it’s ability to reduce the amount of carcinogenic hetero-cyclic amines (HAs), formed when meats are cooked.

When foods containing antioxidants, are combined with meat, show to decrease the amount of HAs, produced during cooking.

Beef burgers fried with extra virgin olive oil had much less HAs, than those fried in refined olive oil.

The longer the olive oil is stored, it loses its HAs reducing effects.

Buy olive oil in small quantities, or when you buy in bulk, put it in dark glass bottles and store it away from light. Adding rosemary to olive oil, might help in maintaining its protective effects.

Laboratory research published in the International Journal of Cancer, shows that phenolic compounds in extra virgin olive oil, protect against colon cancer development.

Colon Cancer in the Mediterranean countries is lower, because of the main role of the olive oil in the Mediterranean diet.

Researchers at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, extracted phenols from virgin olive oil and used them in lab test experiments, on different stages of colon carcinogenesis.

The results proved that the higher the level of olive oil phenols, the better the protection. The phenols may exercise an anti-promoter effect in the carcinogenesis path. The olive oil phenols may also reduce the invasion of colon cancer cells.

You should use  this super food daily, to be able to enjoy all the great health benefits, it has to offer.

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