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Olive Oil The Medical Marvel

La Tienda

More than 50 million Americans are presently effected by Hypertension, this insidious disease that silently destroys the heart’s networking system of veins and arteries, directing to strokes and heart attacks.

The big Pharma and modern medicine prescriptions, that fill the bank accounts of the drug giants, don’t really have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease and cardiac risk. Millions of Americans have high blood pressure and heart disease are increasing rapidly.

The journal of Phytomedicine published that researchers have found a natural extract from the leaf of the olive tree, the oleuropein that effectively lowers blood pressure. Unlikely modern medicine this extract is coming without the devastating side effects of the drugs, which do more harm than good.

Another benefit that researchers found, is that patients with high blood pressure stage 1 who have taken a dose of 500 mg twice a day have lowered their blood pressure more than the patients that have taken prescription ACE-inhibitor drugs. This is not new. This method is being used since the years of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who used to cure diabetes, atherosclerosis, blood pressure etc. The olive leaf extract has anti-hypertensive effects.

Oleuropein in the olive leaf extract improves the triglyceride levels, which is a benefit, conventional drugs don’t provide. Oleuropein acts in calcium channel blocking activities.

The consumption of  extra virgin olive oil (two tablespoons daily) reduces the plaque formation in the arteries and provides maximum cardiovascular health benefits. The poly-phenols in olive oil has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-arteriosclerotic properties.

A study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, states that extra virgin olive oil rich in poly-phenols, neutralizes oxidized LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduces the risk of the hardening of the arteries. Extra virgin olive oil also helps improve blood flow and minimizes the blood clotting.

In the United States 10% percent of the children have been diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) / ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and about 70% of them are on prescription drugs. Studies have shown that a healthy diet based on good fats, eliminating refined sugars and food additives is going to solve the majority of the problem. A diet based on fruits and vegetables and mainly olive oil, like the Mediterranean diet.

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