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Olive Oil’s Heart Healthy Work

Olive oil compared to other vegetable oils, is an extraordinary fat. When used in moderation is the perfect remedy of many ailments and the preventer of diseases, but used improperly, it can damage your health and increase the risk of degenerative diseases. In addition it protects the brain from damage and helps in weight loss.

Research has proven that olive oil owes its powers to phyto-nutrients and monounsaturated fatty acids. Also clinical studies show that extra virgin olive oil provides elasticity to the arteries and with less stress put on the arteries, the lesser the risk of heart attacks. The consumption of olive oil increases the arterial elasticity.

High blood pressure and atherosclerosis confirm that some of your arteries are blocked and continue to block, limiting the oxygen supply in your brain and heart, resulting to heart attack and stroke.

The HDL and LDL which are always present in your blood, if they are balanced -high levels of HDL and low levels of LDL- circulation would be ideal in your body and your health would be great.

The oxidation of LDL particles can not be prevented. Some of the particles, oxidized by oxygen free radicals, move in the blood stream and stick in the inside lining of the wall of the artery, causing damage. Such damage triggers the platelets to join in and form blood clots. To heal this injury the doctors from the HDL medical group appear and start the repairs that are followed by the healing process. All this activity results in inflammation which starts the healing process and if free radicals get in your body throughout consumption, they destroy the healing process.

When plaque sticks in the arterial wall, shrinks the blood passage. The calcium hardens the plaque, not the cholesterol. Plaque formed in the coronary artery, causes heart attack and plaque formed in the carotic artery, causes stroke.

To prevent heart disease and stroke, you have to stop the cause of atherosclerosis and here comes the extra virgin olive oil to the rescue. The mono-unsaturated fats in olive oil, reduce the LDL particles and increase the HDL particles. The HDL particles are the rescuers to the trapped oxidized LDL particles.

Keeping balanced cholesterol levels is very important to your health. Consuming foods high in antioxidants, such as olive oil you lower viscious attacks from free radicals. Extra virgin olive oil with its potent antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory nutrients, reduces the risk of cell and tissue damage.

Extra virgin olive oil for better health.

La Tienda


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