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Probiotics In Olives continues

Probiotics in olives can be used as an antibiotic alternative. Science proves that probiotics -the good bacteria- is necessary for a healthy gut that restores balance in the body, that has been harmed from antibiotics.

Researchers funded by the European Union, are developing this superfood, that can add more competition to the olive industry in Southern Europe than ever before. This is a winning state for both industry and consumers.

In Greece and Spain two patents have registered for the Electron Microscopy Technology, which is going to open new avenues in the olive industry.

Dr. Chrysoula Tassou from the Institute of Agricultural Technology Products in Greece’s Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER, said that producing fermented olives, using probiotic bacteria, adds health benefits to table olives. The healthy bacteria with probiotic activity collected from olives -natural flora- is transferred into the created olives with probiotic health benefits and a great taste.

A healthy bacteria critical for the formation of probiotics, came from the Probiolives Project, when considerable amounts of different Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) were carried from the olives. Dr. Tassou said that the progress in this section will benefit other fermented foods. Also can be added to non fermented foods like fruit juices.

Probiotic strains improve intestinal health with production of anti-microbial activity, which enhance the immune system and the bio-availability of nutrients, increase lactose intolerance and allergy susceptibility.

Often without adding any starter culture, table olives fermentation  take place spontaneously. The microbiota and interaction of yeasts and bacteria differ in green and black olives from the lye treated olives. Although fermentation for table olives production is common, the use of starter cultures is increasing. The microbiota of olives vary from variety to variety. The starter cultures are important for the fermentation of the olives and the quality and safety of the finished product.

Olive, a great nutritional food with great advantages of probiotic bacteria.

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