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Olive Oil For Skin Care

La Tienda

Our skin is a very important organ of our body and the largest. It protects our body and we should take care of it, by using natural treatments.

Olive oil is a natural treatment and very beneficial to our skin. It has been used for thousands of years to clean and moisturize our skin. All the antioxidants the olive oil contains, keep our skin from aging. It is an ancient beauty secret that was discovered 50000 years ago and became an essential component of skin care.

The liquid gold offers amazing results for our skin and secrets about its beauty benefits, have been shared by women since the ancient times. For thousands of years Mediterranean beauties have used olive oil to maintain not only good health, but fresh and lustrous complexion, hair and much more. It can be used as a daily moisturizer or as a night cream.

A couple tablespoons ingested daily, gives youthful skin along with doing wonders for your health. Used for thousands of years, it is known that promotes skin health. Weather it is applied externally or taken internally, because of its high fatty acids content, vitamin E and antioxidants, provides soft and clear skin . To rip off all the benefits olive oil has to offer, use extra virgin olive oil in your daily diet and on your skin. It will guard your body and skin from the age accelerating free radicals.

This anti-aging super food does wonders for your body inside and out. It provides soft, subtle skin and wrinkles are not noticeable. It is the perfect solution for nails and cuticles. The absorption of the olive oil into the skin takes longer then the commercial beauty creams but the advantages of the olive oil last a lot longer.

Replace butter in your diet with olive oil, to see head to toe benefits.

Use olive oil to remove make up. When it is used regularly around the eyes, softens the skin and smooth out the wrinkles. Nightly with your finger tips, dab olive oil around your eyes. Be careful, not in your eyes.

The Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians with their legendary Cleopatra, took advantage of this wonderful oil. All these ancient civilizations claim the juice of this tiny fruit as their own for many reasons.

All your skin care needs you will find in a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. It gives smooth and radiant complexion. Softens hands and heels brittle nails. Gives elasticity to skin and shine to hair.

Avoid expensive creams with chemicals and synthetic ingredients that leave a dent in your wallet and use extra virgin olive oil, to achieve great results.

Enhance your beauty the natural way, by using olive oil to result in gorgeous endings.

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