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The Disadvantages Of Olive Oil

We always hear the countless health benefits of olive oil. But this super food though can also be very harmful to your health. If it is used improperly, increases the risks of cancer and degenerative diseases. You have to use it properly to gain its health benefits and avoid its harmful effects.

First olive oil reacts with free radicals. When it is overheated, especially the extra virgin olive oil (it is very sensitive to heat) reacts with free radicals and other chemicals, such oxidation, to become hydrogenated oil, which can even produce trans fatty acids during the chemical reaction.

When you cook with extra virgin oil, always don’t exceed the 350 F. Do yourself a favor and cook with olive oil. It has been used for cooking in the Mediterranean region for hundreds and hundreds of years, because of its distinctive flavor and its many health benefits.

All saturated and unsaturated  fatty acids (with the exception of omega-3 fatty acid in flax-seed and medium chain fatty acid in coconut oil) can increase the blood stickiness, due to clumping of the platelets, that causes blood clotting.

Olive oil  contains oleic fatty acid , that is a monounsaturated fat and unfortunately that increases blood clotting. Fortunately though it contains some other inti-inflammatory compounds, such as hydroxytyrosol, omega-3 and oleocanthal, to counteract and balance blood clotting. This is something that only applies to extra virgin olive oil.

There is no question about extra virgin olive oil being the best. It is worth it to spend the money to buy the best It is worth it to spend the money for better health. Best way to eat olive oil is raw and in its natural form.

Olive oil is a fat and if it is overeaten the body will gain fat. Don’t exceed 2 table spoons daily. Use it daily and in moderation for better health and mortality.

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