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The Effects Of Olive Oil In Diseases

In the modern world we live in, cardiovascular disease are the main cause of death. Arteriosclerosis walk hand in hand with eating habits and lifestyle. The lowest rate of death from heart disease is in countries where extra virgin olive oil is the main fat consumed.

Olive oil prevents the formation of blood clots and platelet aggregation. Diets rich in olive oil have negative effects in cardiovascular disease.

Foods containing animal fat raise blood cholesterol, which is the main factor of heart disease.

Olive oil lowers LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time does not change the HDL-cholesterol, which prevents the formation of fatty patches.

The benefits of olive oil consumption in regards to heart disease, primarily prevents the development of the disease and secondarily prevents the recurrence after the first attack.

Researchers have revealed that the Mediterranean diet due to its main ingredient, the olive oil, has a positive influence on the reduction of heart disease.

Epidemiological studies have proven that olive oil has protective effects on breast, colon, prostate and bowel cancers.

When olive oil is the main fat in a diet, it reduces the development and growth of many different kinds of cancers, because the mutation of the cells that is caused by cancer, is due to toxins consumed foods, that produce free radicals, which attack DNA.

To fight these free radicals the body needs vitamins and antioxidants like the ones in olive oil.

More studies have reported that an olive oil rich diet is protective in intestine disorders and chronic liver disease.

Olive oil diet reduces the number of tumors and the ones that were developed were not as aggresive.

The oleic acid is the most important fatty acid in olive oil. The beneficial effects of olive oil are mostly owed to oleic acid. The antioxidants, poly-phenols, flavonoids and squalene also have tremendous positive effects.

Olive oil adds taste to vegetables and these two allies together are cancer’s big enemy.

Researchers continue their quest on the protection that olive oil provides against leukemia and other cancers.

Long lasting weight loss can be contributed to an olive oil diet. Olive oil is a fat and like every other fat is high in calories, that’s why it should be consumed in moderation. The Mediterranean diet (with olive oil as the main fat) shows less obesity than any other diet. 

Diabetes is a very serious disease that can damage the health causing heart disease, blindness, kidney failure etc. Olive oil is a great alternative for the diabetes treatment and can also help in the prevention of the disease.

The intake of extra virgin olive oil, fiber from fruits, vegetables and grains, and low saturated fats is the best way of approaching diabetes.

High blood pressure results in the development of arteriosclerosis. Olive oil reduces blood pressure and its regular consumption decreases the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Olive oil due to its content of sitosterol helps in the absorption of calcium, magnesium and iron with result the prevention of osteoporosis. Also prevents memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

It is a laxative that prevents constipation and helps in the function of the digestive system.

Mothers who consume olive oil while pregnant is good for the child’s development. Vitamin E is essential for the growth of the foetus. The new baby needs vitamin E to fight against oxidative stress when it enters in an oxygen world.

Vitamin E is essential during breast feeding and lasts long beyond that, to the growth and bone development during infancy.

It is documented that olive oil boosts the immune system and protects it from external attacks of bacteria and viruses.

More studies have proven that people with diets containing olive oil, have low risk on developing rheumatoid arthritis.

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States of America was awarded a 1400 years old tree in Salento in Apulia, Italy, for her commitment of promoting a healthy diet and the Mediterranean lifestyle in the US, targeting mostly the young people.

Let’s follow the First Lady for “Good Health and a Better and Enjoyable Life.”

La Tienda


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