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The Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

According to doctors, the number one factor of  good health is prevention. Simple foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes and  extra virgin olive oil, prevent development of many diseases.

Foods with excess content of saturated fats are leading to some kinds of cancer, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Studies in the medical world have indicated that in the Mediterranean countries and especially in Greece where the consumption of  extra virgin olive oil is the highest than any other country, the cardiovascular diseases are the lowest in the world. That is because olive oil controls cholesterol levels.

Replacing saturated fats (animal fats) with olive oil, we can prevent these dreadful heart disease.

Many people in the world suffer from stomach disease and specifically the gastric ulser disease, which is a very serious one. It is a proven fact, that  extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for the normal function of the digestive system. It reduces the formation of ulcers and fights constipation.

The formation of gallstone is a very serious problem and very difficult to cure qther than sergury. olive oil fights the formation of gallstones by creating a tie to the liquids that form them.

Olive oil balances the metabolism and the growth of the body and the bones. It helps the good body development of the children.

Olive oil helps the absorbance of good substances that come into our bodies through food.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps our bodies fight the aging proccess. The richer and darker green colors, contain more nutrients and contribute more in the anti-aging process.

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