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The Influence Of The Olive Tree

“Care for me and I will nourish you. Water me and I will make you rich.” A quote of the Mediterranean.

Greece the land of the many ruins is where the olive tree lives. 50 thousand years ago, it was domesticated in this land, of the gods and super heroes.

The olive is the most influeancial fruit in the world. The olive oil is the most influential commodity in the world. It is the cement that holds the whole mansion of cooking together. It holds the roles of the main actor and the supporting actor. Because of its natural consistency it can marry other ingredients that without it would been separated like the lemon and the egg. And its nutricious value is indispensable. 

The gifts of the olive tree in Greece and the Mediterranean region, their daily use for food and religious rituals, have been the influence of customs and traditions of the people who lived around it, creating with the passing of the years, a civilization of its own, “the civilization of the olive tree.”

The olive tree  with its olives, olive oil, olive wood and their ever lasting value, has a rich history around the Mediterranean. The olive tree, the symbol of peace and prosperity gives us the olive oil, which like the wheat and  the wine has many uses in the Eastern Christian Orthodox religion.

The olive tree was characterized as the “Tree of Good” and it earned this prominent position, since the begining of its existence. That position was established even more later in the begining of Christianity. With a few drops of olive oil from the St. Nicholas oil lamp, the sailors can calm the sea.

Many Greek artists, poets and writers have been inspired by the olive tree and its unique presense.

For many thousands of years in the Mediterranean region, the olive tree has been in coexistance with the people, their lives, customs and traditions and its traces were left on all the civilizations that were developed with it.

People’s lives are shaped around their natural suroundings. The Mediterranean people and especially the Greeks, have been influenced by the olive tree socially and economically, also religiously, customly and traditionally.

The special methods of cultivation of the olive tree, participate in the ecosystem’s preservation and stability.

To this day this beloved and precious tree, is considered, divine and priceless.

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