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The Olive Tree And Its Characteristics

The olive tree is an everliving producing tree, that belongs to the family of Oleaceae. The Oleaceae has economical interest. There are two kinds of Oleaceae. The wild (Olea europaea var. oleaster) and the domestic (Olea europaea var. sativa).

There are many different kinds of olives that were created from the climate of the places where the olives grow or because of the alterations of the natural multiplication of the man.

The olive tree is very sensitive to cold and icy weather. Its authenticity depends on its kind. The weather conditions are very important for the development of the olive fruit. When the weather conditions are normal, than the tree gives a good production.

The temperatures for the germination should be around 11 C, for the budding around 15 C, for the blooming around 18 C, for the development of the fruit around 21 C and for the ripeness around 22-25 C. After that until the harvesting of the olives, the temperature shouldn’t be less then 5 C. The highest temperature should not exceed the 36 C, because the tree gets dehydrated. The lowest temperature should not exceed the -3 C and the humidity should not exceed 80%.

When the ground is sandy and rocky, the roots of the olive tree can reach very deep. In moist grounds the roots get asphyxiated because of high humidity and are developing superficial. The depth that the roots can reach depends on the arrival of the tree. If it was planned, the roots go deeper. If it was sprouted, the roots are shallow.

The trunk of the olive tree is smooth with grey-sh green color and as the years go by it turns harsh and very thick. The leaves are small, thick and long. The flowers are many and small, have four petals and a beautiful smell. All of them do not give fruits. Under good conditions the olive tree gives fruit after six years of its planting in its original place.

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