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The Sacret Olive Tree

The olive tree for centuries and even milleniums has covered the Mediterranean region and has participated in the development of the culture of entire civilizations. It is connected with the oldest Mediterranean civilizations, held a significant place in the cultures and became the tree with the most important crop.

According to the Greek Mythology, the olive tree was a result of divine intervention and was protected by laws. Herodotus says that until goddess Athena gifted the olive tree to Athens, there was not another tree in the world that produced olives. Its mythic imagination has reached its highest extend.

It became the symbol of the city as soon as it sprung up on the sacred rock next to the Acropolis and became the main part of the Greek heritage. Today the olive tree thrives and prospers in every corner of the islands and the main land.

A Jewish legend says that the tree of life is the olive tree. From its dead roots, new roots arise, its leaves never fade and it always rejuvenates. In the Mount of Olives which was named for its olive orchards and was sacred and symbolic as the Garden of Gesthsemane, the place He was betrayed and abused, there are still trees that produce. They are immortal.

Olive oil and wine were poured on the wounds of the robbed traveler by the good Samaritan in Jericho. Olive oil and wine were used by the priests on the altar of the Temple. Olive oil was used for light and heat. Pouring olive oil on troubled waters was an offering of peace.

Despite bad weather conditions, the olive tree will give olives. When an olive tree is cut down or burned, new sprouts will appear. Nothing can destroy an olive tree.

The olive tree symbolizes faithness and steadfastness. “I am like an olive tree in the House of God, I trust Him forever.”

In the Psalms, Paul describes the relationship between God and the Jewish people, long and ongoing. The olive tree represents God’s promises to Israel, which are growing from the tree’s holy root, the Messiah. The branches are the Jewish people. The roots, the trunk and the branches, all support each other.

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