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The Therapeutic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The best olive oil is produced in Greece and it is extra virgin. Its bitterness enhances its extra ordinary taste, just like chocolate and espresso.

Extra virgin olive oil with high integrity and flavor comes from Greece and the Mediterranean region. It is recognized all over the world for its fruity, floral, aromatic, pungent taste on the palate and the burning sensation in the throat.

No oil will have the health benefits of the true extra virgin olive oil. Its high and rich content of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, has a positive influence on the harmonious functioning of the human body. 

The olive oil’s contents are very beneficial to the human body and their therapeutic capacity depends on their chemical structure.

The main aspect of the triglycerides are made up of fatty acids. Olive oil exceeds in oleic acid, which is a mono-unsaturated fat, while animal fats exceed in saturated fatty acids. Olive oil contains small percentage of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which are important, because they can not be synthesized by the body.

The poly-phenols and tocopherols are important antioxidants, which are very high in extra virgin olive oil. They are getting lost in refined olive oils, due to the processing.

From all edible fats, extra virgin olive oil is the most digestible and helps in the assimilation of vitamins A, D and K, helps liver, bile and intestinal functions and slows down the aging process. Also has a positive effect on blood cholesterol due to its high content of anti-oxidizing agents.

The extra virgin olive oil stimulates the pancreatic enzyme lipase, increases the bone mass, has a positive effect on the central nervous system and brain development. Also protects the human body from the negative effects of the free radicals.

The abundance of the beneficial properties in extra virgin olive oil are taken away  when refining process occurs. The chemical processing results in high acidity. High temperatures destroy the good ingredients and produces harmful agents for the heart and arteries.

An olive oil diet helps in controlling weight and diabetes, also protects against cancer.

In Greece the primary source of fat is extra virgin olive oil and Greeks live longer and healthier lives.

Limiting the intake of animal fats and using extra virgin olive oil as a primary source of fat, along with fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and fish, boost health. Don’t forget physical activity.

High quality extra virgin olive oil is pricey because requires perfection in all stages of the process, from the perfect health of the fruit to the packing and storage.

Unscrupulous producers will blend seed oils with extra virgin olive oil and as long the acidity standards are met, they will not inform the consumer with the details. Oils like these do not have the health benefits of the TRUE extra virgin olive oil.

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1 comment to The Therapeutic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Since extra virgin olive oil is simply pressed fruit juice without additives, the factors influencing its quality and taste include the varieties of olives used, the terroir and the countless decisions, production practices and the dedication of the producer.

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