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Tip Of The Week

The poly-phenolic antioxidants that are contained in olive oil, grapes and red wine, have biological properties, like resveratrol,  which has anti-cancer and anti-cardiovascular effects. 07-04-2011.

Although fatty acids in extra virgin olive oil are very important, antioxidants are even greater. 07-11-2011.

Table olives are a Greek product, very important in the Mediterranean diet. Their phenolic compounds, contain very important biological properties and provide us with great health benefits. 07-18-2011.

Consuming about 10 olives daily, provides about 40 mg of poly-phenols from the flesh. 07-25-2011.

The liquid gold offers amazing results for our skin, and secrets about its beauty benefits, have been shared by women since the ancient times. 08-01-2011.

The poly-phenols in olive oil are the most important antioxidants in our diet and are natural. They protect the body against oxidative stress and indeed are protective agents against diseases. 08-08-2011.

Extra virgin olive oil and its extracts have tremendous health benefits, including the elimination of some cancers, the significant reduction of heart disease and the protection of the liver. 08-15-2011.

Olive oil is the most unique oil in the market with plenty of vitamins, nutrients, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and poly-phenols. 08-22-2011.

Researchers say that the neuro-protective properties in the oleocanthal, that comes from the olive oil disrupts the deterioration of the brain cells. 08-29-2011.

Oleuropein in the olive leaf extract improves the triglyceride levels, which is a benefit, conventional drugs don’t provide. Oleuropein acts in calcium channel blocking activities. 09-05-2011.

The liquid gold offers amazing results for our skin and secrets about its beauty benefits, have been shared by women since the ancient times. 09-12-2011.

To fight diseases of the olive tree, the use of bacteria exterminating products is required, also the disinfection of the ground is needed, if the infection is serious. Very costly procedures. 09-19-2011.

The pathogenics of the fungus, get into the trees from the wounds of the pruning, and develop easier, where the rain water sits. 09-26-2011.

The extra virgin olive oil is the best oil for minimizing the chances of degenerative disease. 10-03-2011.

Extra virgin olive oil is very rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which protect against stomach cancer. 10-10-2011.

Extra virgin olive oil has been proven to be better than fish oils. 10-17-2011.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil, minimizes the frequency of stomach cancer. 10-24-2011.

Olive oil plays a major role in the rejection of toxic substances of the body. 10-31-2011.

For the normalization of the insulin hormone the use  of extra virgin olive oil is essential and its use accompanied, with medicinal therapy can bring great results. 11-07 2011.

The olive oil minimizes the adherence of the trans fatty acids in the cells (which are provoking the formation of arteriosclerosis) and protects the kidneys from the toxic actions of other fats and medicines. 11-14-2011.

The best way to eat olive oil is raw and in its natural form. 11-21-2011.

The vitamin E in extra virgin olive oil, improves your sex life and olive oil acts as an aphrodisiac. 11-28-2011.

In Greece from the ancient times, olive oil was a necessity for the conservation of the every day life. 12 05-2011.

The “tree of life” in the Garden of Eden was the olive tree (I Sam.16:13). In the Apocalypse of Moses, when Adam got sick,  the angel Michael told Seth to anoint him with the “oil of Mercy” and bring him back to health. 12-12-2011.

The good Samaritan, when he found on the side of the road the injured man by the robbers, he put olive oil on his wounds. 12-19-2011.

Shaking and beating of the olives takes place during the harvesting for the extraction of the olive oil. This symbolizes us, who should be shaken up to repent of our sins and change our sinful way of life and adopt God’s way of life. To be converted we have to be shaken up and beaten down and crushed to produce the fruit of righteousness, the fruit of olive oil, the fruit of God’s everlasting Kingdom. 12-26-2011.



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