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Uses Of The Olive Oil

La Tienda

From the Scriptural books we learn that the olive oil is a symbol of the divine grace and holds a very important place in the religious ceremonies of the Hebrews, Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Muslims.

When a person was anointed, was considered sacred. The Christian faith begins and ends with the holy olive oil. The Christian nations kept up the same traditions from Saul to Charles the Tenth of France and to present. King Saul was the first king of Israel from 1047 to 1007 BCE according to the Hebrew Bible and he was anointed by the prophet Samuel and he reigned over Israel for over forty years. King Charles was the king of France from 1824 to 1830 and he was also an anointed king.

In the ancient times in Greece and Italy, olive oil was the hottest commodity. It was used in the arenas to glorified the athletes bodies and to admire their physical appearance, which disappeared with the time.

According to Bertile, Greeks and Romans had elasticity and vigor, due without a doubt to the use of extra virginĀ olive oil regularly. The animal fats are bad for the stomach and blood, while olive oil helps the digestion and helps the body to develop suppleness. It also helps the brain to attain the highest stage of human intelligence and clarity. The positive effects of olive oil in the human body, have never been and should never be disputed.

Low grades of olive oil are used for soap making, ointments, lamp lighting and lubricants.

The importance of extra virginĀ olive oil for table use is great. The practice of using olive oil for cooking has been transmitted to us by the ancients. In Greece, Italy, South France Portugal and Spain, olive oil cooking predominates, and enormous quantities are consumed. The people of these countries are not fond of butter.

California has an exceptional soil and climate and can meet the demand of olive oil for the American public, which is going to be increasing all the time.

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