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What An Author Says About Olive Oil

 Jackie Constantine is the author of the newly released book, Real Estate Investing WORKS!  The book is available at and her website Jackie is an active investor along with her husband and family, while home schooling her remaining three children. 

I know cooking with and drizzling fresh olive oil on various foods is delicious and nutritious but I want to tell you about the amazing health and beauty benefits I have discovered from the wonderful olive’s oil. I came across these valuable uses quite by accident and gladly share them with you now.

My husband, while at a job health fair, learned his cholesterol levels were high, over 300. He was sent to a doctor who recommended he take a prescription drug, the side effects of which were worse than the cure. Because this is a typical of most prescription drugs, we are going out of our way to avoid taking them.

Rather than going on a drug, I had him change three things:

1. I made him begin every morning with a bowl of oatmeal, which he hates.

2. I substituted all oils, including butter, which he loves, with extra virgin olive oil.

3. I encouraged him to run, which he did sporadically and half heatedly.

After 10 months his company required him to have his cholesterol level retested and it had dropped over 100 points! He was so delighted  that he stepped up his running to the point where he even participates in all of the local 5k races in our area, along with our sons. He also continues to grumble as he eats his oatmeal but loves olive oil with everything. (I wonder if I put it on the oatmeal…)

Another great use for olive oil, I had discovered some years prior to this. When I was in my 20’s I met, on two separate occasions, two women who were well into their 50’s. One was a blue eyed blonde and the other had olive skin and dark eyes. Both of these women looked incredibly young for their age. They could have easily passed for age 30. Their skin was beautiful, fresh and wrinkle free.

I inquired what they attributed that to and they both said that they had began in their 20’s using oils upon their facial, neck and body skin every night.

I started doing this myself, beginning by using petroleum jelly, then learning it was harmful and finally switching to olive oil. Jumping ahead a few years, when I was in my 40’s, a woman mistakes me for my son’s wife! Prevention is definitely the best cure.

I am now in my 50’s and was recently in to see a new integrative medicine doctor. She interviewed me, then asked if there were any possibility I was pregnant, to which I laughed and remarked that I was 50. She could not believe it! For several minutes she kept saying, “No way are you 50.” She dug in my chart to look at my birth date for confirmation and said I looked much younger than 50 years old, then asked my secret which I gladly shared.

Comments like this were fairly common and attribute it all to prevention  and profuse use of olive oil! So start now, wash and soak in warm water and slather on the olive oil. Voila!

La Tienda                                                                                  

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