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What To Remember About Olive Oil

La Tienda

The three biggest olive oil producers in the world are Greece, Italy and Spain, with Greece the biggest consumer. Olive oil can heal in many ways. Hippocrates the father of medicine had the olive oil, as his main prescription.

Changing your lifestyle by adopting the olive oil diet, can add years to  your biological age. The best characteristics of the olive oil are the digestibility and absorption of minerals and vitamins and also the laxative effects.

Adding red wine and Balsamic vinegar that are very rich in anti-oxidants, to the olive oil died, a diet rich in resveratrol, will help in losing body fat and prolong your life.

Omega -3s and vitamin E in extra virgin olive oil will help minimize, if not eliminate aches and pains that come with aging.

Because olive oil is rich in poly-phenols, minimizes the development of many types age relating cancers.

Increasing your intake of “good fats”, like extra virgin olive oil and drop the “bad fats”, will help you maintain your weight and minimize the chances of developing degenerative disease.

Using extra virgin olive oil that is good for your heart, will help you maintain a good cholesterol level, blood sugar level and blood pressure and eliminate heart disease and diabetes.

Research all over the world has proven that olive oil, which is a good fat and fatty acids, help you strengthen bone density and beat bone loss.

If you are sensitive to chemicals, you should start cleaning your house with olive oil. Olive oil is your right choice.

Olive oil can go bad. The most important factor in keeping the the “liquid gold” fresh, is storing it in a cool and dark place. When you buy olive oil pay attention to the expiration date.

Always remember that while olive oil can be some-body’s medicine, it also can be another one’s night mare. That is because one  can be allergic to it. Sensitivity to olive oil  is  very rare, but possible.

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