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What You Should Know About Olive Oil

1. What happens to olive oil if it freezes?

If by any reason your olive oil gets exposed to winter temperatures and freezes, you will see a change in its appearance. Usually it gets frozen solid or very thick. You shouldn’t open the bottle. Leave it in room temperature for a few hours (it can take a whole day), then shake it well, so the oil gets back to normal. Never use heat to bring it back to its original appearance.

2. Is unfiltered olive oil better?

Yes . The best extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered and unrefined. Unfiltered means that the oil is not chemically processed, so it is full of healthful properties. Chemical process destroys its healthy compounds and delicate flavor and superb taste.

3. What is hydroxytyrosol in olive oil?

Hydroxytyrosol is a phytochemical with many antioxidant properties. It is one of the most important antioxidant with immunostimulant and antibiotic compounds. Hydroxytyrosol is odorless and colorless.

It is getting the most attention because of its anti-inflammatory properties. If you want an extra virgin olive oil with the highest amounts of hydroxytyrosol, you pick the one with the strongest peppery taste.

4. How do you evaluate extra virgin olive oil?

The difference in the varieties of olives, climate, soil, all play a major role in the taste and quality of olives and olive oil and is different by region. Some extra virgin olive oils have a strong olive aroma, a peppery taste or a bitter taste, which are great characteristics.

Taste an olive oil. It is fun and satisfying. Take a slice of artisan bread, toast it, rub some fresh garlic on it and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil. What a tasty and healthy snack! You can determine the quality of the olive oil, from its taste.

The standards of the quality of olive oil, have been set by the International Olive Oil Council in Spain and it is used by the rest of the European countries.

5. Is the olive oil’s color an indicator of freshness?

Yes, but not a correct indicator. The color of olive oil varies from bright green to dark golden green. It depends on the ripeness, the time of harvest and the variety of the olives.

6. What D. O. P. does mean?

D. O. P. means the Protected Designation of Origin. The ingredients and preparation of these products specify the geographic region of their origin.  The producers have to apply and pass the certification standards that designate the product’s place of origin. (It was pressed in a specific place, by olives grown in that specific place). This guarantees quality.

7. Is a single variety olive oil better than a blended one?

The best extra virgin olive oil comes from olives grown in a certain single estate and a specific variety of olives. Olives that are harvested from a specific estate, produce the finest extra virgin olive oil, but the quantities are small.

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